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  1. Back in the 80’s we had the Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Society (still have the t-shirt). We’d meet every month or so w ~150 people, 100+ would bring an instrument (or three). It was a big time. Does this group have it’s roots in that one?

    • Hi Russ. We are one in the same! Still going strong after 40 years. We get together more often now and have lots of great things happening. Would love to have you rejoin and come on out!

  2. Rick Collinge | August 2, 2016 at 10:55 pm | Reply

    Still meeting on Tuesday?

  3. Hi, this is Joe Kahl. I am a board member of the SNBMS and I am looking for volunteers to help out the at the upcoming Logandale Fall Festival.

    It will be at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Logandale on October 21-23, logandalefallfestival.com. I need volunteers to take care of the RV camping gate and the Dry (no frills) camping gate. We will operating the “Green Room” that is used by the Bluegrass bands performing at the festival. This will entail keeping the room stocked with drinks and food; keeping things picked up and clean. The society will be putting on a Bluegrass Instrument Petting Zoo! This will be open to the kids to come in and learn about the instruments and try their hand at playing them. Obviously we will need volunteers who play and are comfortable teaching kids. If you have an extra instrument that you would like to let kids practice on, we could sure use them.

    Finally, the society will be hosting a Bluegrasser’s Ball on Saturday night after the fair shuts down for the night. It will be a two hour affair with an hour of Contra dancing and an hour of jamming (with the bands from the festival). This will be an event for the campers, bands, vendors and BBQ contestants. Some of the volunteers will be compensated with day passes to the festival for their participation. All volunteers will be very appreciated and will help to ensure a successful festival and hopefully more Fall Festivals that feature a Bluegrass Festival. If you are interested in heading up one of these activities or a portion of one of them, please let me know. You can reach me at 702 293-4714 or patchworkjoe@gmail.com. Thanks!

  4. Hi, I live in Bullhead City, AZ, across from Glitter Gultch…Laughin NV.

    At age 67 I had a senior moment, forgot my age and picked up a mandolin….so, I’m a beginner.

    Question, I understand you have Tuesday & Thrusday night jams…anything for beginners??? If so could you provide me with info on where and when.

    Thanks, Bert

    • Hi Bert,

      There are two weekly jams here in Vegas although neither are run by the SNBMS. The Tuesday one is more of an anything goes one and the Thursday one is more strictly bluegrass/old time. You’ll need to check them out via our Facebook page however because I believe the Tuesday night one is now on Monday nights and the Thursday night one is on Friday. I can’t keep up!


  5. Hello, I will be Vegas Feb 7-9 of 2017. Can you direct me to some go places to go for some Bluegrass? Thanks for your help…..Ken

  6. Cinda wittman | March 2, 2017 at 3:38 pm | Reply

    I will be in Henderson on March 9 thru 13 & will be bringing my banjo, & harmonicas. I play guitar also, but cannot bring it.
    Looking for a jam to attend. I cannot attend the Tuesday evening one, have to fly back.
    Thank you for any help! 920-993-6985

    • Hi Cinda,

      You’re best bet that weekend will be the Friday night Jam at 6 PM – 8 PM at Mountain Crest Park 4701 North Durango Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89129. Other than that the club doesn’t have anything going.


  7. Please consider Bluegrass Etc. for the Viva LasVegrass Festival. Thanks.

  8. Bert Luontela | June 4, 2017 at 2:46 pm | Reply

    Will there be a Tues. night jam on June 6th, if so where will it be held?


  9. I just paid the 1yr membership. Is it 12 months starting today or will it cover me for 2018?

  10. This is Joe Kahl. I have a Stanley coffee mug and a folding nylon chair that was left at the pickout last Saturday at Morrell Park. Whose are they?

  11. Can you suggest a local bluegrass guitar instructor for guitar?

    • Hi David, I suggest you come to a few jams and find someone you think may be able to help. We have several good players in the club but I don’t know any off hand that give lessons.

  12. Anybody up in Mesquite Nevada? I am looking for a place to pick.

    • Hi Jack, I’m not sure of any members that live in that area. There are some players in the St. George and Cedar City area we are familiar with however.

  13. Thanks Brian, I am looking to get something started here. Probably Virgin Valley something. Any suggestions or do and don’ts? Is there a specific reason the SNBMS chose Society instead of Association? Last but not least does a club or group have to be a non profit corporation or can they be just a club. Thanks

  14. I’m going to be in Parhump for the month of March, and I’d like to visit a few jam sessions while I’m there. I’m an intermediate guitar and mando player from Vancouver Washington. Can you send a list of events that I might be able to attend?

  15. Hi Jack W …. There’s a good acoustic jam every Monday 6:00pm at Desert Skies RV Resort in Mesquite with 10 – 15 players typical. Strings n’ Things is an offshoot and playing at the Cowboy Poetry Festival this weekend 23 – 24 Feb at Mesquite Community Center. We should be doing a sound check around 5:30 or so on Friday … ask for me.

  16. I will be traveling through mesquite on Monday July, 16 2018. I was wondering if there’s a bluegrass jam I can attend. I’m a member of the Yellowstone Bluegrass Association out of Billings, MT.

    • Sorry Del, I posted and never went back to see what replies I had. we are still working on getting the Mesquite area organized.

  17. Virgin River Bluegrass, we are still working on getting bluegrass and old time music here in the Virgin River organized. I am hoping to form the Virgin river Chapter of the SNMBS. I am up to five regular when in town players. We have banjo, mandolin, fiddle, tenor guitar, bass and almost all of us play guitar. Our next jam is at my home on September 10th and September 11th, 2018. We have not tried to have an open jam due to space limitations. I can squeeze in maybe 10 musicians at my home. We are looking forward to coming as a group to Vegas to pick we the SNBMS at one of your festivals.

  18. Please post times and where these two
    jam sessions are each week…
    I see mentioning of Tues (Community Ctr @ Mountain ? Park 4701 Durango) &Thurs evening in Henderson, but where and when?
    and perhaps Friday at Mesquite Library.
    Detail would be wonderful. We’re visiting forcouple months and would love to find some picking friends.

  19. Is the Bluegrass Festival on for tomorrow, 3/21? Thanks.

  20. Bert Luontela | June 7, 2020 at 6:28 am | Reply

    Brian, any bluegrass mandolin instructors available in the Vegas or Southern Nevada area?

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